Rethinking alternatives, a project finance lender supporting public and private initiatives globally, including highly leveraged and pre-revenue ventures across different industries

AUM US$ Multibillion

Commencing in 2002 Broughton Capital has emerged to become Broughton Capital Group, a UK based debt funder for medium to large projects in the development and infrastructure sectors worldwide.

We strive to empower projects and initiatives around the world by providing the financial support they need to thrive. As a trusted finance source our mission is to bridge the gap between vision and reality, helping turn ambitious projects into tangible accomplishments.

Project Financing Expertise

With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of project finance, we specialise in offering tailored financial solutions to a wide range of projects, spanning various industries and sectors. Whether you are working on renewable energy ventures, infrastructure development, healthcare projects, hospitality or any other worthy endeavour, we will be glad to consider it and have the ability to make your aspirations a reality.

Global Reach

Our commitment to projects extends beyond borders. We work on a global scale, enabling us to support initiatives across continents.

Flexible Financing

We understand that every project is unique, and so are its financing needs. That is why we strive to provide financing tailored to your specific project requirements. Whether you need loans for site acquisition and construction or construction only with short or long tenors, or structured financing solutions, we always endeavour to design a financing package that aligns with the project goals.

Debt with Equity Investment

We are principally a lender, however, we can also provide equity finance alongside our loans for projects that do not have sufficient sponsor equity to fit the usual debt to equity ratios of traditional finance structures. As such we will consider financing higher leveraged projects with a combination of debt and equity. Our equity is intended to be partially passive in nature in that we do not seek joint ventures or to be co-developer or run realised projects, instead we adopt a project monitoring role to care for our interests.

Due Diligence Flexibility

Turning roadblocks into opportunities: At BCG, we do not believe hurdles should derail promising projects. That is why, where agreeable, we offer project sponsors the opportunity to address any concerns that may be identified during due diligence.

Our due diligence advisors are aware of our policy on this and case by case with our approval can offer recommendations to sponsors regarding the issues that need addressing. This differs from conventional financial providers who usually stop continuation when such problems are reported.


We adhere to the Equator Principles and as such we aim to finance projects that not only generate economic value but also contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future.

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Are you working on a ground-breaking project that requires financial support? We invite you to explore the possibilities with us. Our team is ready to discuss your project’s unique needs.